How Job Seekers Can Make Failure Work in Their Favor

job-seekersDuring the span of your career, failure at some point is inevitable. In particular when searching for jobs, job seekers often encounter failure in various shapes. This could pertain to rejection at interviews or not getting interview calls at all. However, there are various ways that failure can help shape your approach to job search, going forward.

Figure out why you failed at an interview – the most common mistake that people make during interviews is that they focus too much on trying to present themselves in a professional manner to the potential employer. They overlook the important aspect of an interview in which the job seeker assesses the employer as well. The idea behind doing so is to judge the actions and reactions of the employer to what you are saying. A slight nod of approval may communicate to you that you are speaking in the right direction. While on the other hand, folding of arms across the chest may indicate the employer’s lack of interest towards what you are saying. At other times, employers will make your life easier by telling you outright why you are not fit for the job. By observing the behavioural pattern of the employer, one can learn what exactly it is that they are looking for. This teaches us the most important lesson of what not to do.

Compare your profile with successful candidates – weighing the competition in the market helps you improve your profile and find new ways to enhance your skill set. It is best to set a benchmark for your profile or CV. Always try to find out who managed to bag the role that you missed out on. Review their online profile to and compare it with yours to see where you went wrong. They might have skills or certifications included in their CV that you failed to include. Or they may be skills that you have not acquired yet. Either way, it helps to give a direction as to how one must go about when attempting to enhance their professional profile.

Get additional information from the HR personnel of the potential employer – when coordinating with the HR personnel regarding follow ups post a job interview, it helps to ask questions as to why the HR personnel believes that you were not considered for a certain position. Getting the opinion of an HR professional will help towards enhancing your skill set and grooming yourself for another interview in the future.

Maximizing on opportunities through learning from past failures can not only improve the approach towards job search, but will also prevent from the morale going lower beyond a certain threshold. This is because every failure can be looked upon at as a tip towards future success. Keeping such tips in mind, job seekers need to revisit their CV and job profile accordingly. This is because job recruitment sites receive tons of applications on a daily basis; hence employers need your profile to stand out for them to approve of you.

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