How to Enhance Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job

job-seekingFinding, tracking and eventually landing the dream job doesn’t always come easily to most of us. However, there are certain steps that one can take in order to increase their chances of scoring an interview, or getting shortlisted for the job offer.

  • Preparation is important – preparation does not necessarily mean wearing the right clothes for the interview. It goes far beyond that. To save precious time and effort, it is best to start with doing research about the relevant companies that you would like to work for, and the job profile of the vacancy they are advertising. This will help to narrow down your list of applications and result in a focused approach towards job hunting.


  • Make your CV stand out – this is has nothing to do with fancy formatting or creative ways of making the CV eye catching. While having a visually attractive CV which is easy to read is always an advantage, a job seeker must try to optimize the content of the CV. Highlight the positives first, whether they pertain to relevant experience, qualification or other certifications. The idea is to produce a CV that appeals to the employers right away when they begin to review it.


  • Networking is the key – in this day and age, the way employers look for potential candidates and the way job seekers find suitable vacancies has been revolutionized. To take advantage of the fact that companies are now becoming more flexible in their methodology of finding the right candidates, the best path to adopt is the path of social and professional networking. This not only means that you need to be active on the professional social media, but that you also need to network in real life. However, keep in mind that networking does not mean sending mass friend requests to potential employers. Identify the people who you think could be helpful in leading you to the right job spot. Get in touch with them. Networking goes a long way and can help you get good leads on vacancies, as well as good recommendations.


  • Use effective job search portals – the idea here is to build a professional profile that will stand out among others and can be easy to find for employers. Secondly, job search portals make it easy for you to shortlist and screen the jobs according to your preferences for location, type of company, job category, and so on. This helps you save heaps of time and effort that you would otherwise spend scouring the job postings in search for the right listings. One such job portal which can be used is

All in all, the goal is not to search hard but to search smartly. By doing so, the time and effort saved could be better spent in preparation of interviews. In order to maximize chances of landing the dream job, the candidate should choose the best approach during any and every step of job seeking. The approach used should be weighed in terms of outcome and need not necessarily be the conventional method that you have been using all along.

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